Worn Down Glories: My Life with Chronic Illness

June 19, 2015 Katie A Uncategorized 1 Comment

Some of you may have seen my more frequent Instagram updates on my health and my struggle with several chronic illnesses. In an attempt to be more open and more brave – I’ve used that platform to begin documenting my struggles.

Then it dawned on me… I can still do that, but also use this blog to reach others who may not use Instagram and draw in a whole new crowd in addition to my beloved bookish community I am part of.

It’s been a rough road to get to where I am – to make this choice to incorporate my love with books and be more open about what I struggle with. It’s been back and forth, thinking I’ll do this, then the next day being utterly terrified about this change.

In order for people to know what I am going through, I realized that I need to speak about it. I need to talk about what I’m struggling with – the good and the bad, the ugly days, and the days where just getting out of bed seems impossible.

In order to reach a wider audience and reach out to those who are struggling as I am, I can’t keep quiet anymore. I have to step out, I have to speak up. No one will know what is going on with me, if I’m having a bad day if I don’t say it.

It’s terrifying.

It’s terrifying to start to become this open, to know that I may lose people. To know that when I open up this way, people could think “oh, she’s just making this up for attention” or “it’s all in your head, Katie”. I’ve been there. It hurts. It’s terrifying to know that it could happen again – but I know that I have to speak up.

This is me, being brave every day as I battle several chronic health conditions – none of which have a cure. This is still the same girl who loves to read and gush about books, who loves to support her favorite authors – but this same girl is sick. I may not look sick, but I am sick. Every day is a struggle.

All I want to do is to be able to inspire, encourage and be there for others going through similar circumstances. I want to show everyone that yes, you can live with chronic illness – it is hard, but I fight every day and I will never stop fighting. ♥


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