LoveAThon: Letter to Future Me

February 16, 2014 Katie A 2014 LoveAThon 12 Comments

loveathonDear future me,

It’s been quite the journey getting into blogging – it’s no stranger to you, you updated a LiveJournal for years on end. You’ve struggled settling into a routine, writing reviews and trying to figure out your own unique blogging voice. Still, so far you’ve had aΒ  lot of fun and met some amazing friends. Friends who have always been supportive, friends who are in your life forever.

It’s been worth it.

I hope that future!you will be able to find a steady routine – that’s been the hardest part. It comes with the weird work hours, the chaos of being a student and juggling caring for a family. It’s hard – but I know once you find a routine that works for you – everything will settle into place. That should be your number one goal.

I hope that you are still having fun, and still making new friends. I hope that you’ve been able to meet some of them, too! Even if you haven’t been able to go to BEA, I hope that you’ve found a way to meet some of these amazing people and hang out with them. There’s already some summer plans in the works for 2014 – and that is pretty exciting.

In the future, I hope you’ve finally found your own voice. It’s been hard – and frustrating. I know there’s been moments where you think you’ve found it, only to run to post to find that it just isn’t working out. It’s hard and it’s held you back – but don’t let that stop you. You’ll find it! Relax, have fun and be YOU. DSCN7381

As for those reviews you struggle with? Relax. They don’t have to be long and elaborate. They don’t have to be fancy. I want to see YOU come out in those reviews, to see your bubbly personality and to touch on all those points of why the book worked (or didn’t work) for you. It’s been another big struggle, but hopefully in the future you’ve been able to move past this.

Most importantly, I hope that you have continued to blog for YOU. You started this blog with the intentions of mixing real life adventures with books. I hope that you’ve continued that – maybe people don’t connect with those posts, but it’s important for you to keep those memories and blogging is a great way to do just that. HAVE FUN with it – even if you think no one will read it.

Don’t ever feel like you have to blog a certain way to fit in and be popular. It’s not about that. Besides, look how far you have come over the last year since you really decided to blog. You’ve been yourself. People love it. People love you for YOU. It’s gotten you so far and that’s the best part of this entire journey. You’ve found a place where you can be yourself, where you are accepted, loved and welcomed. Don’t ever forget that.

Lots of squishy hugs,

2014 me.


12 Responses to “LoveAThon: Letter to Future Me”

  1. NicoleLynn

    This letter was great! I loved your advice to keep blogging for you and to keep your personal adventure posts going as well! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  2. talesofbooksandbands

    I think I just may be in love with this letter! Your hopes for future you are hopes that I definitely still have. At first it was kind of depressing because I thought that after all of this time, I would just GET it but it is still something I struggle with all of the time but in a way, it’s kind of nice to know I am not alone πŸ™‚ I guess it’s also why this community is so great because it allows you to change, and grow, and evolve constantly!

  3. Shannon@BooksDevoured

    You are so right!! I is hard not to feel like you have to blog a certain way or to feel pressured to fit in. It can make you lose what is unique about your blog in the first place. I hope that you are still having fun too!

  4. emmaccallum

    Aw, I like this one. Being somewhat new to blogging the part where you say to relax on those reviews you struggle with hit home. I also struggle with injecting my personality out of fear and enjoyed your thoughts on your letter.

  5. Alexa S. (@alexalovesbooks)

    Aww, I love this letter! It’s always a wonderful thing to remind yourself that you are blogging for you — and that it’s okay to be yourself. You should never feel like you need to change because someone else says so, as this is YOUR life, YOUR blog and YOUR little corner of the (web) world. Keep on doing what you do – BE YOU! <3


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