LoveAThon: Dear Gale…

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I have to admit, I had a hard time thinking about this one, but once I thought about the series that really brought me back into reading it was obvious who I was going to write my letter to. For those that know me fairly well – it should come as no surprise to see who it is.

Dear Gale Hawthorne,

Happy Valentine’s Day! I know, I know – you probably don’t even want to be my Valentine, but I wanted to ask anyway. You probably have your eyes on Katniss, and you know.. all those girls at school probably want you to themselves. Still, I’m writing to YOU because you need to hear what I’m going to tell you.

You are amazing. You are. Okay, look – you can be grumpy, but I don’t blame you. I’d be grumpy too – Katniss is stubborn and you’ve got a lot on your plate.Β  You are caring for your family. Your mother, two brothers and a baby sister. You’ve promised Katniss that you would watch out for her family too if she was ever reaped into the Games.

You love your family so much, and you care about Katniss so much – that’s why I adore you. I know things are difficult and you are craving change, but just remember that you are setting an example to those around you about how they should love and care for each other. All they have to do is look at you and the way that you care for your family and the Everdeen family.

You are always there when Katniss needs someone, even if she doesn’t talk much or knows how to explain how much she really cares for you. You listen to her. You are her best friend. You help each other out and you are her strength. She couldn’t have gotten this far without you. Remember when you met in the forest for the first time? Exactly. She wouldn’t be where she is today without you around.

Most of all, I love how you fight for what you believe in – a changed world, a better life for your family and friends. You just want things to change so that everyone can be happy and not struggle. I don’t blame you. I want the same for my family. I hate that times are rough, but just like you – I do what I can to support them and I work hard in order to do so.

You don’t have to pick me as a Valentine, but just know that someone thinks of you and believes in you. You are amazing, Gale.




6 Responses to “LoveAThon: Dear Gale…”

  1. Michelle

    Much better pick for Gale than Katniss! He wasn’t really necessarily someone I’d go for other than the ruggedness, but he could definitely do a lot better than Katniss…like you! πŸ˜›

  2. Diana

    Finally a guy I know! I’ve been feeling like an outsider with some of the guys mentioned. Your letter is amazing, great ending.

  3. prettylreader

    I always had a soft spot for Peeta, because he was soft, you know? But Gale, Gale was the guy I could picture myself with. Strong and confident and loyal and sexy – yea, that’s my kind of guy πŸ˜€


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