LoveAThon 2014: Interview Swap!

February 15, 2014 Katie A 2014 LoveAThon 11 Comments


I can’t tell you how excited and flaily I am about being able to participate in the LoveAThon this year! I really loved watching it happen last year, but wasn’t able to sign up so when I knew I could participate this year? I jumped right in.

Even more exciting?

The moment I was assigned my interview partner! As a newbie blogger, I was given a veteran blogger to interview and when I got the e-mail, I pretty much shrieked with joy once I saw who my partner is.

Without any further hesitation… let’s meet Suz from A Soul Unsung! Fun fact: we were introduced to each other through my girlfriend and have gotten to know each other really well over the last few months – so this interview was a BLAST because I got to ask her some questions I normally wouldn’t get to ask.

Suz: So, oh my gosh, I have to take a minute and just gush about the fact that I LOVE my Love-A-Thon partner so much, because she is just a really sweet, amazing, and inspiring person that I’ve been lucky enough to get to know. I literally – really – I think I scared people nine counties away when I squealed in delight at the email. Hahaha. What can I say about Katie, she’s just so freaking AWESOME! <3

Q: Aw, thank you girl! I’m super excited, too. My first question for you is going to be: What are the top five books you’ll always remember?

Suz: This one is easy, because even though I’ve read a ton of books there haven’t been quite as many that have touched me, as much as these books have. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t start off with Flowers In the Attic by V.C. Andrews. This book really changed the way that I read and it also reminded me of why I love to read so much, plus challenged me in so many ways as a reader. Can, I cheat a little bit and talk about series of books, because The Baby-Sitter’s Club and the Sweet Valley Twins/High books are definitely at the top of my list of books that and series that I’ll always remember. They encompassed so much of my childhood that it’s unreal and they were just feel good books that I really loved to dive into during the summer. I remember being in school and having to read books and write reports on them, none of those books touched me in ways that Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry touched me. I loved it so much, that I remember checking it out quite a few times and re-reading it. And, I can’t not mention The Harry Potter series, because once again this is another series that reminded me just exactly how much I really love to read and why I love delving into other worlds and going on adventures with such wonderfully memorable characters.

Q: How long have you been blogging, and what is your favorite memory?

Suz: I’ve been blogging for almost three years now and I love it so much, because I’ve been able to get to know people who enjoy reading a lot of the same or similar books that I do, and getting to work with publicists and different authors that I admire. It’s just been a really fantastic experience, plus I’ve grown closer to some of my friends. I would have to say that my favorite memory is that first year of blogging, because it truly helped to mend a friendship that I meant a lot to me. Somehow, over the course of the year, blogging and books just sort of brought the two of us a little closer and we both realized that we could “be better” and it made all the difference.

Q: What inspired you to start blogging?

Suz: I started blogging about books, because I wanted a place where I would be able to talk about what I was reading, keep tracking of what I was reading, and share my thoughts on various bookish things with a community of people who generally felt the same way. It was sort of a coping mechanism at first, a way to escape the stress that was eating away at me on a daily basis, but then it became so much more than that and I couldn’t be more proud or happier that I started this blog.

Q: What three pieces of advice do you have for new bloggers, or those thinking about starting to blog?

Suz: This is easy…

1.) Be yourself, I cannot stress this enough. Don’t try and be someone that you’re not, because people are going to start to notice and pretty soon they won’t pay attention to you or your blog.

2.) Stay true to yourself and don’t think that you have to compete with the bigger blogs out there, because you don’t have to. Just do your own thing and post what you like, when you like. Don’t think you have to do every single meme out there or participate in every single blog hop, because you don’t. Write whatever discussion posts you want to, be as conversational as you want to in your reviews, and just post what makes YOU happy.

3.) Stay as far away from the drama as you can. Drama to the Left!

Q: Are you excited for any book to movie adaptations coming out soon?

Suz: I wish I could say yes to this question, because I really want to but I can’t deny that I’m a little worried about the Divergent movie and I’m not really feeling The Vampire Academy movie either. I mean, it’s fine when a book to move adaptation doesn’t take itself too seriously, but when it looks as if it’s going to be another Mean Girls meets Twilight, that’s when I start to get a little worried because that’s just not how I see the first book at all. I am, however, over-the-moon ecstatic for The Fault in Our Stars. Everybody and their long lost relative is talking about this book and how good it is and I need to experience ALL THE FEELS before I go see this one.

Q: What was the last book you read?

Suz: The last book that I read was THE SUMMER I WASN’T ME by Jessica Verdi and I totally ugly cried through more than half of it. It was such a beautifully written realistic portrayal of what it’s like to be a young gay person in society. If you are looking for a book that’s filled with hope, love, and inspiration then this is the book that you’re going to want to read. I am so, so, so glad that I was able to read an ARC of this before it was released. It was just…beautiful!

And finally, my last question for our interview…

Q: Have you ever been to a signing/panel before, and which was it/were they? If you haven’t, which authors would you love to see the most?

Suz: I don’t know if this counts or not, but about two weeks before Christmas my sister took me up to Miranda Lambert’s boutique (The Pink Pistol) in Tishamingo, OK where Blake Shelton’s mom (Dorothy Shackleford) was going to be signing her book, Time for Me to Come Home as part of my Christmas present from her. I was so excited that I got to meet her and have the book signed, she was such a really sweet woman. And, the book is so good, it all worked out because I was looking for a sweet Christmas romance to read over the holidays and this is such a great book. Plus it was lots of fun hanging out in the store and looking around.

I totally envy all of the other bloggers that get to attend ALA and BEA and all of those other book signings and events. They’re so lucky, I wish I could do that. I would pretty much give anything to be able to meet Richelle Mead, Kelley Armstrong, Victoria Schwab, Tahereh Mafi, Lauren Oliver, Cassandra Clare, Suzanne Collins, and so many others.

Thank you to Katelyn and Alexa for hosting this LoveAThon and a huge hug to Suz for allowing me to pick her brain for awhile with some questions that I thought of spur of the moment! 😀


11 Responses to “LoveAThon 2014: Interview Swap!”

  1. talesofbooksandbands

    I don’t think you two even know how happy it makes me to see you both so excited for this interview! I cannot believe the odds of you two getting paired together but it was a fantastic coincidence. I so loved reading about and getting to “meet” Suz!

  2. Nicole

    Really great advice from Suz! Like REALLY important for every blogger to learn. I especially like the part about staying away from drama. Sadly there are no shortage of it around the blogosphere. And I totally agree with her answer about movie adaptations. Its rare that they are done so well that they rival the book. I won’t go see the VA movie, I am still undecided about Divergent, but The Fault In Our Stars trailer looks promising!

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert

  3. Michelle

    I’ve recently discovered just how many local author tours there are in my area! I honestly enjoy those a bit more than I enjoyed the one trip to BEA…you get more quality time with the authors, at least from my experience. I love your second piece of advice–I actually enjoy blogs that don’t participate in every meme or hop. I prefer to read original posts!

    Great interview!

  4. hazelleevaughn

    Great interview! It’s really nice to get to know more about Suz! I’ve never really experienced much drama with bloggers so far, but then again, I’ve been lucky and meeting all the great ones! =) And I never knew about signing panels! You learn something new everyday!

  5. Alexa S. (@alexalovesbooks)

    It’s so awesome that you guys wound up paired together! Meant to be 😉 I also love what Suz had to say in terms of advice for newbies — staying true to yourself and being yourself is always a good idea when it comes to blogging!

  6. soulunsung

    Oh my gosh! I almost got teary a bit (well, I did – I’ll just be honest lol) reading all of the sweet comments and seeing the nice things people had to say about me. Ugh! I’m so sorry that I wasn’t able to get your interview up as early as you did with mine, but I fussed half of the night with my internet and tech support over the phone, that I FINALLY got it figured out and got it to working again. So, your fabulous interview is up on the blog, and you should pick at my brain more often. We should talk more often, because I totally have loved getting to know you. 🙂 <3

  7. NicoleLynn

    I really enjoyed reading your interview Suz! Your advice to newbie bloggers is so great! It’s awesome to be able to see how much books really do affect our lives.
    I totally agree with you that I’d love to meet all those authors you mentioned! Most of them are new favorites of mine 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. Alysia @My Little Pocketbooks

    I love all the squeals. Glad I am not the only one who does it when something book-ish or blogg-ish happens. I am looking forward to seeing TFiOS. But I am not loving the thought of not loving it as much as the audiobook. I know that makes no sense but…. I loved the audiobook so much!!!

  9. Kristen H. (@bookgoil)

    I’m with Suz on book to movie adaptations, I want to expect great things, but I know a lot of them will disappoint. I want TFIOS to be awesome but the trailer just didn’t move me… I still haven’t read Divergent or seen the trailer yet… Great interview!


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