A look back on 2013

December 31, 2013 Katie A Uncategorized 2 Comments

2013  was quite the year for me, and it’s hard to believe that the year is over. It really feels like the entire year flew by. There were good moments, great moments, memories that will last a lifetime and moments I’d really like to forget (but I know that those are the ones that make me stronger).

READING: While I don’t think I’ll make my goal of 30 books in 2013, I’ve come really close! This year was more hectic than I though it’d be and a math class overtook my life so reading fell off the charts. I also encountered a reading slump or two that factored in. Overall, I’m really thrilled with the books I’ve read this year!

Most of the books in some way touched me. These books made me take a step back and reflect on who I am as a person, what I’ve gone through and how far I’ve come. I was able to heal some old hurts just by reading these books. I was able to find myself lost in a whole new world in many of them.

I can’t wait to see what books 2014 brings my way, so if you have any suggestions – I’ll add them to my ever growing TBR list!

LOVE: What a year for love. When I think about 2013 – I think about falling in love this past July. Molli spent a few days out here in California with me and I wouldn’t trade those days in for anything. We fell in love in Monterey, in late nights talking until we fell asleep and in all the silly things we did. We had breakfast on the beach and our first date. Our first kiss was the 4th of July.

We celebrated one year together. We’ve grown closer and more in love. We’ve made our FaceTime dates a thing that work and keep us up late even though we both say we need to go to bed. We spent summer mornings and afternoons napping in each others arms.

2013 was our year – as we said it would be – and I am so excited to see what 2014 brings for us. I’m counting down the days until I have her in my arms again.

Adventures: I did quite a bit this year! I went to my first book signing in the Bay Area where I met Jessi Kirby and was able to thank her in person for the book that touched me. I met and had brunch with Tamara Ireland Stone and later on attended the launch party for Time After Time. I welcomed a new niece into the world and it’s such a joy seeing her grow up. I surprised Molli with a “defaced” copy of UNRAVEL ME for her birthday (such a hard secret to keep!).

I celebrated seven years at my job. I had ups and downs. I met new friends who have become more than friends to me – they’re like family. I learned that some friendships can work best with distance, I became closer to my closest friends. I’ve grown in a year and I’m more confident in who I am.

I’ve started to live my life completely out as a lesbian and have pushed those who don’t accept me out of my life. I’ve worked hard to get the toxic relationships out of my life in 2013 and kept them out. I’ve faced challenges of my past and growing up, but they made me stronger.

And then at the end of the year… I fell going to the store and I’m dealing with a possible broken hand. How fun!


I want 2014 to be even better than 2013. I want to read more books than I did this year. I want to love more. I want to travel more. I want to spend more time with loved ones. I want to write more. Take more photos. I really want to blog more, even if it isn’t a review – I need to get back into blogging.

There are a few things I’m looking forward to in the new year and I’ll use this list to end 2013 with.

1. Seeing my girlfriend again in April. Expect a lot of photos and happiness.

2. Books! So many books to look forward to, I don’t even know where to begin.

3. Traveling. Yosemite, Monterey, (hopefully) San Francisco, I’d love to get to Disneyland for my 30th. I wanna get out to TN to where my girl is to see her and her friends/family.

4. Laughter. I’m really a big kid at heart and a goof (ask my girlfriend!). I want to laugh more in 2014.

5. Love. 2013 was full of love, but I want 2014 to be filled with even more love. ♥

Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks for sticking with me and being so supportive and encouraging this year. I can’t wait to bring in 2014 and spend more time with you!


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  1. Suz @ A Soul Unsung

    I am so happy that you and Molli have found each other, I want you to hold onto to what you have no matter what, because you guys are the very definition of love. It doesn’t matter if there’s a part of the world out there doesn’t accept you and the beautiful couple that make, because what matters – at the end of the day – is the time you’ve spent and will spend with one another holding on full of love, laughter, and amazing dreams. I look at you guys and I see the very portrait of what I want – a love so deep, so sweet, and so amazing that it taints every bit of you two in such an achingly bone deep gorgeous way.

    I’ve said it many times over the course of this year to Molli, but it’s never been said to you. So, I’ll say it today – I think that you are an amazing person with a heart so big and full that it bursts to life with rich brilliant technicolor. Don’t ever stop that. It’s part of what makes you who you are and the amazing person that you are. Never stop being afraid to be who you are and of love – the glorious once in a life time kind of love – that I think will forever encompass you and Molli.

    I am so proud to call you my friend, it’s unreal.


  2. Molli

    I love this post. I love YOU. I hope 2014 is an amazing year for you, and for us. And I hope you get back to blogging! If you can make it a priority and find a way to blog that works for YOU, it is so, so fun. Don’t worry about a “right” way to do it – just do it. And read some amazing books. And just… laugh and love so much.

    SO proud of you for all you did in 2013. Here’s to 2014!


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