Review: If You Leave by Courtney Cole

August 24, 2013 Katie A Reviews 4 Comments

ImageRating: ★★★★★

Read: August 2013

I knew right away that IF YOU LEAVE would have some sort of impact on me, but I wasn’t sure how it would. I was blown away by the story and found myself relating more to what Gabe and Maddy were going through more than many readers probably could.

We got a glimpse of what Maddy went through and her parents relationship, which is where things really started to hit home for me. My parents divorced when I was a kid and it wasn’t pretty for awhile. It was hard, but I understood where she was coming from when she told Gabe:

“Waiting for her to be strong and change our lives. But she never did. I hated her for that.”

We both wanted change, we both wanted our lives to be better than they were. More than anything, we wanted change. We didn’t get much of that change, but the above quote hit me and made me realize that I could relate to Maddy on a way that maybe others couldn’t – in a way, it made me stronger.

Both Gabe and Maddy have to face their demons, and their fears. They have to figure out where they both stand in order to be together and to make things work. It wasn’t easy for them, and it sure as hell wasn’t easy for me to read about. It broke me. I spent most of the book in tears while I read. If I wasn’t crying over Gabe and Maddy, I was crying over what they each had to face.

Their story hit hard and at the end?

I knew exactly how each of them felt. They had found the person they are meant to be with. No matter what shit they faced in the past, they had both come so far to be where they are now. They both faced their fears and took some huge steps on the road to healing in order to be together.

If there is one message from the book that truly hit home and something I fully believe in, it is this:

“Sometimes the hardest situations make for the best happily-ever-afters.”

No matter what Gabe and Maddy have faced in the past, or what they went through to finally be together – they both came to realize that even the hardest circumstances can weave together so beautifully at the right time to make an absolutely perfect happily ever after for two people who deserve it more than anything.


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